Twinsite is a Virtual Construction site for Health & Safety training aiming at improving behaviour for the better as well as reducing risks in the global Construction industry. Employees of all levels can get first hand experience in:

• Comprehending and Protecting themselves against Health and Safety risks.

• Becoming increasingly proficient in operating tools/machinery or certain processes and thereby reducing important safety KPIs.

Training while immersed in Twinsite VR combined with advanced pedagogical methods results in Accelerated Learning with astonishing competence enhancing evidence.


Twinsite has in close collaboration with both Construction Subject Matter Experts and Medical Researchers developed the Twinsite Accelerated Learning Concept (TALC).

It is based on pedagogical, visual and communicative skills to improve conditions particularly in the Health and Safety areas. The result is a framework to guide Health and Safety Training Providers in how to protect the workforce from construction site hazards.

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Making use of the efficiency of learning while immersed in VR, we offer the construction industry Accelerated Learning. The TALC encompasses Individual, Group and Blended learning as well as Simulator training and is the result of a R&D project that started in 2018 and is now being further developed by TS Learning AB, Sweden.

Visit us and begin your training at one of our education hubs in the three major cities of Sweden or book us and we’ll bring the training to you.


The Twinsite Accelerated Learning Concept encompasses Individual, Group and Simulator training and is the result of a R&D pro- ject that started in 2018 and is now being further developed by TS Learning AB, Sweden.



Individual learning is ideal for a rapid competence boost. Safe machine operation or awareness of certain H&S issues for example.

  • Training can be delivered on-site/office/training centre
  • Complicated theory or processes can be experienced first hand for greater comprehension and change of behavior.
  • No need to sit through tedious classroom sessions
  • Great booster of engagement - fun learning
  • Very appreciated of work crews in the field


This is a collaborative form of learning based on dialogue and reflection. Gather your work crew at a virtual construction site of your choice to learn handling of new tools/methods/ risks is very productive as it minimizes practicalities such as travel, classroom booking, producing binders etc.

  • The Instructor delivers the topic you decide in the construc- tion arena you have chosen
  • The training can come to you at home, office or on-site.
  • You and your crew will be represented through personal avatars and can interact with each other, the instructor and the scene and its equipment
  • Scenes can be complemented with additional equipment at your request


For even deeper comprehension of a topic as needed for Subject Matter Experts or when introducing a serious risk element in your construction operation a combination of two learning pedagogics is an ideal method. For example:

  • Commence with attending Individual training in the area of Silica Dust/Asbestos and then share your experiences and knowledge when attending a Group Training session.
  • If you have some experience in operating certain
  • Machinery you can take an assessment class in our training facilities to pinpoint improvement areas and then perform those in tailor made training classes in our Simulators.
  • An Educator can orient a crew verbally and then
  • Accelerate learning by offering one or more VR training courses and then assess comprehension at the end of the session.


TS Learning AB is the Agent for Serious Labs Internationals series of Mobile Elevated Working Platforms (MEWPs) in Sweden, Norway and Finland. The MEWP Simulators are world class and provides an array of benefits including but not limited to:

  • Measure operators prior to placing them on the jobsi- te, to better understand any risk they may pose when using live equipment
  • Determine potential training or remediation courses where gaps have been identified, helping focus training dollars where needed
  • Assess skilled operators for advanced certification which is difficult to test with live equipment
  • (MEWP = Lifts/Skylifts/BoomLifts, Scissor Lifts including terrain and such w outriggers)


Founding of TS Learning for further development of Twinsite

On November 18th 2020 Anders Vikmyr former Business Development Director at Ramirent and Per-Erik Vitasp former Management Consultant at OneReality Professional Services joined up and founded TS Learning to prepare for the business development and internationalization of the Twinsite Accelerated Learning Concept.


Anders Seton, Founder of Gimbal Immersive, and the management team of TS Learning AB agreed on December 15th 2020 to join forces and refine the Twinsite concept by adding the content creation capabilities of Gimbal. Through a directed new share issue, Anders Seton acquires a shareholding and takes on the role of Chief Product Officer. Anders and his team immediately begin the work of porting and further developing relevant educational products for faster distribution and more efficient delivery globally.

TS LEARNING ACQUIRES ALL RIGHTS to Twinsite from Ramirent Group

On December 29, 2020, TS Learning AB acquired all digital and other intangible assets relating to Twinsite from the Ramirent Group (part of Groupe Loxam) in order to be able to further refine these for the benefit of the entire global construction industry. The agreement also includes extensive market development work, which gives the entire Loxam Group the opportunity to offer Twinsite's range of courses in its local markets.

Twinsite appointed Regional Distributor för Serious Labs Skyliftsimulatorer

Twinsite has been awarded the right to distribute Serious Labs' skylift simulators in Sweden, Norway, and Finland. Sales operations will commence with deliveries to Sweden in January 2021. The so-called LiftSIMs from Serious Labs is a state of the art simulator and will complement the Twinsite portfolio of high quality VR experiences in Accelerated Learning. LiftSIM enables learning skylift operation in a fraction of the time and with a fraction of all the resources required for the corresponding training on a construction site with an expensive machine and a supervisor.


Visit us and begin your training at one of our education hubs in the three major cities of Sweden or book us and we'll bring the training to you.

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