Rethinking Construction Education

Improved safety through immersed learning

Interspace solutions for a sustainable future

The mission of Twinsite is to boost safety, sustainability and efficiency in the global Construction, Engineering (OEM) and Architecture industries.

Customers and employees can get first hand experience in the safe handling of machines, associated risks and how to handle them at construction sites, thereby providing quality learning and getting immersed in new sustainable cities as well as other digitalization concepts currently influencing Architecture, Engineering and Construction businesses.

Twinsite is a completely digital platform and the plan is to eventually become globally downloadable to support all efforts aiming at improving sustainability, safety and efficiency in AEC. Join in – get your Twinsite citizenship today!


Strategic partnership with EPIC Games

Twinsite has entered the Unreal Enterprise Program, further strengthening our strategic partnership with EPIC Games, creators of the Unreal Engine. This will give access to Enterprise-level dedicated support resources, custom training and exclusive enterprise toolsets, and is an important step in sharpening our team's productivity and skill sets.

Our role in digitalization and innovation


Twinsite, in close collaboration with both construction companies and researchers in medicine, has developed two courses aimed at highlighting the risks of working in stone materials (concrete, granite, etc.) that can generate silica dust and how to protect the work force from these hazards. The courses will be rolled out at various course centers around Sweden during Q4 2019 and internationally during Q1 2020. Contact us if you want to explore the possibility of becoming a reseller in your national market.

Current courses

Silica Dust

The VR Training Course Silica Dust

Risks and Protective Measures is elaborated in close cooperation with scientists such as Kjell Larsson at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm as well as Subject Matter Experts from the Construction industry, to ascertain accuracy in both physiological terms as in national regulatory requirements. This education visualizes how dust is created, how it can be avoided or minimized and how to protect yourself from inhaling more than necessary or avoiding it altogether.

Power Cutting

– Risks and Handling

Risks and Handling has been produced in close collaboration with manufacturers of large power cutting machines for work in concrete and stone materials. It provides an introduction on how to operate the machine to minimize risk of incidents as well as which safety zones apply.