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The construction industry today has problems with sustainability, safety and efficiency with high accident rates in the workplace. Overall, there is great potential for improvement. The potential for savings with changed behavior and improved attitudes towards health, safety and efficiency is enormous in terms of reduced sick leave, fewer incidents and other positive side effects. Therefore, Twinsite’s concept was created for accelerated learning in VR, which aims to ”quickly increase employees’ skills” and permanently change behaviors for the better. We simply want to move the industry in the direction of better health, safety and sustainability thinking as well as help you save a penny along the way.

Twinsite VR training can be delivered:

  • Pretty much anywhere.
  • Teacher led or as self-taught.
  • In a fraction of the time.
  • With longer balance.

Which leads to safety benefits, health benefits and not least productivity improvements compared to traditional or online education.

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Education philosophy

Accelerated learning

Accelerated learning for the construction industry. Exactly what is it? What does that mean?

An education that goes by fast is not necessarily effective and an education that is long is not necessarily qualitative.

We have done our utmost to make educations that are both in-depth and time-efficient. That is how our customers prefer to be educated and this is how we can reach the most and influence the most. It has always been clear to us that education whose knowledge lasts a long time, changes negative behavioral patterns and informs about risks in an educational and effective way is something that can really change a worker’s life and quality of life.

Education must be accessible to all and with our platform, education can be truly democratized.

"Efficient learning for a better life. Available anywhere."

Work with us

We are constantly growing!

The construction industry is constantly growing and so are we. So does the educational needs.

In order to best offer the entire industry good education, we need both skilled developers and good relations with the industry’s players.

If you think you are right for us, we would love to hear from you! Send to jobs@twinsite.com

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