A training platform For the enitre construction industry

Each role has its needs met. Here we have listed some clear benefits that Twinsite’s training give you and your role.

Room with cement mixer

The site manager

  • Minimal production losses with on-site training.
  • I can keep track of the training being completed and the project progression.
  • I get access to the courses I need quickly by remotely uploading courses.
  • Twinsite’s courses provide the same high quality every time.


  • Twinsite has a very high NPS and gives a positive change in security behavior.
  • Employees become better at protecting themselves after completing the course.
  • Students learn both theory and practice in a very easy to understand and engaging way.
  • VR technology’s learning means that the employee remembers the knowledge longer than any other learning methodology.
An awesome and informative training where you can experience dangerous situations without being exposed in reality! - Work environment coordinator Viktor Bergstrand, BRA Bygg

HR/Course manager

  • Twinsite provides the same quality every time.
  • More training for the money - Training can be democratized.
  • Everyone gets exactly the same treatment inside the learning experience and the test shows exact skills no matter who you are. The training uses several senses and is therefore adapted to each student, regardless of how they learn best.

The employee

  • Courses that combine the senses mean that everyone can absorb knowledge effectively, regardless of how they prefer to be educated.
  • Being trained on the construction site is convenient and minimizes car driving and unnecessary interruptions.
  • Individual learning means that each student can learn at their own pace and repeat elements as they wish.

Calculate your savings in our Loss Calculation

Fill in your information and see how much you save on being trained effectively in VR on the construction site.

The employee
Production loss
Training half a day without travel time
The employee
Production loss
Travel time
Minutes (min)
Hours (h)
Course price (unit)
Average price with employer fee/h
Cost of production loss average/h
Total cost

Number of students/employees

Total savings

132000 :-


3400 :-


65.3846153846154 %

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