I want to be trained at home


Call us or book via the web and we will contact you

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Together, we plan the training event according to your needs.

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We deliver it to you, ready for your training.

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Everything you need is included in the Twinsite Box. The customer support will assist you when needed.

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Common Questions

Why should we choose training through VR?

Where can training take place?

How do I book a course?

How long is a training opportunity?

How many can be trained at a time?

How is the knowledge test conducted?

Do we need to complete the training several times?

Is completed training reported to ID06 and what does it cost?

How are infection control regulations maintained?

What is included in the Twinsite box?

Do we have to order an additional box?

What is included in the additional box?

Do you rent or buy the VR equipment?

Can you use your own VR equipment?

Do we have to have WiFi/internet connection?

Does it happen that you feel bad or feel other discomfort?